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Welcome to NES Healthcare

Established for over 20 years, NES is one of the UK’s leading providers of medical services through its Resident Medical Officers (RMOs) to patients in both the Independent Healthcare Sector and NHS hospitals.

Our experience and dedication to patients in our client hospitals has earned us a reputation for reliability and professionalism. We are proud of our respected heritage and our continuing expertise in the field of medical recruitment.

If you are looking to work in prestigious hospitals in the UK, NES can offer excellent opportunities to enhance your career and fulfil your earnings potential.

The ethos behind NES is simple: We are here, to help you, to help others.

Latest News

Foreign doctors should be facing tougher exams, according to a study
23 April 2014

A study has said that the tests taken by foreign doctors wanting to work in the NHS should be made harder to pass, to bring them in line with UK standards.

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Promising treatment for cancers using copper starvation
11 April 2014

A new study has found a high percentage of melanomas and other types of cancer, are encouraged by a mutation in the BRAF gene that relies on a supply of copper. Researchers have suggested these cancers could respond to drugs already used to block copper absorption in a rare genetic condition.

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